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Precious Metals for Industry

Precious metals can be found in many of today’s industrial products. Whether it be sensors for the steel industry, catalytic converter coatings for the automotive industry, contact materials for the electronics industry, or coatings for the glass industry, it is likely that these products have or will come into contact with Heraeus precious metals at some point during their production process.
As a result our industrial customers rely heavily on the trading competencies of Heraeus Precious Metals Trading to reduce costs and mitigate risks associated with the procurement of these valuable materials. Heraeus serves the following industries:
  • Automotive industry and its suppliers
  • Chemical and petrochemical industry
  • Electronics industry
  • Glass industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Fertiliser industry
  • Jewelry industry
Granules are fine metal, mostly silver and gold, in the form of small irregularly shaped pellets. It is usually supplied in sewed bags (silver) or sealed cans (gold). Both packaging types are available in various size units: An analysis certificate is always enclosed.

Gold: min. 99.99%
Silver: min. 99.9%
Sponge / Powder
Platinum, palladium, rhodium, ruthenium and iridium are available in the form of sponge or powder. This is a coarse-grain form of the metals. The individual metal parts have various degrees of coarseness depending on the manufacturer. If the material is especially finely ground, it may also be called powder. These metal delivery types are usually supplied in sealed plastic cans or bottles or metal cans of different sizes, all accompanied by an analysis certificate.

Platinum: min. 99.95%
Palladium: min. 99.95%
Rhodium: min. 99.9%
Ruthenium: min. 99.9%
Iridium: min. 99.9%
Sheets / Plates
Sheets / Plates
Fine metal sheets or plates of platinum or palladium with a minimum purity of 99.95% are rolled to a thickness of a few millimetres. Heraeus produces platinum sheets that weigh 500 g and palladium sheets of 250 g and 1,000 g for various applications in the industry.
Use of Precious Metals